alignmentsLong road trips, hauling heavy equipment, or working on a job site can present plenty of opportunities for your vehicle to be knocked out of alignment. An improperly aligned set of wheels can lead to uneven wear on tire tread and can lead to issues while driving. Those issues include reduced traction from your tires, increased chances of a blowout, issues with driveability, and the change to cause issues with your suspension system. Getting an alignment helps evenly distribute the wear on your tires, increases their lifespan, and helps prevent significant issues. At Apex Truck & RV, we have the space, teachings, and expertise to offer your vehicle a proper alignment in Clearwater, FL, with ease. There are experts for anything you can imagine in this world, and our expertise just happens to be heavy-duty truck repairs.

Benefits Of An Alignment

There are many benefits to getting a wheel alignment. Say you just bought a new set of tires for your fleet of vehicles, your RV, or your personal truck. You would want them to last as long as possible, right? That is one of the many benefits of an alignment. Other benefits include preventing a crooked steering wheel, reducing wheel noise, and an increase in drivability. Along with helping prevent issues with your vehicle’s suspension system since driving with unaligned wheels will put a tremendous amount of strain on those components. 

Heavy Duty Alignments

Any repair shop can perform an alignment on a passenger car, granted they have the right equipment. At Apex Truck & RV in Clearwater FL, we have the facilities and the training to perform alignments on the more oversized vehicles. Our technicians and alignment racks can handle an alignment on vehicles as big as an F450 or up to a one and a half tons. We are the go-to shop for your box truck, heavy-duty truck, or even your RV’s alignment in Clearwater, FL.

Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment Near Me

Thousands of shops can offer wheel alignments, but only a few have the proper facilities to provide an alignment for your heavy-duty truck, RV, or commercial vehicle. How many times have you been told a shop cannot help you because your vehicle is too big when all you need is an alignment in Clearwater, FL? Apex Truck & RV will never be that shop. No matter which you drive, bring it to our professional staff at our shop in Clearwater, FL, and let us get your vehicle back on the road. 

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