tiresAt Apex Truck & RV, we focus on providing tires for those who drive RVs, light-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, & diesel trucks. Our selection of tires is a bit different than most tire providers. What we mean by this is our tires are specialized and are built to withstand those long trips, heavy cargo being towed, and provide increased longevity. Acquiring a set of tires from our shop means getting a tire built for the tough environments and harsh conditions you might put it through. Our tires are up to the task of transporting your vehicle and its cargo. Give us a call today if you require some new tires or tire repair in Clearwater, FL.

Tire Service Clearwater FL

Now that your vehicle has a new set of tires, you want to keep those tires in the best possible condition. This includes alignments, tire rotations, & balancing. All these will help keep your tires healthy and increase their lifespan. Not every shop is equipped with the space, equipment, and teachings to handle servicing larger-sized vehicles, but look no further since you have found a shop that can do just that. We have the space, and we have the tools. We also have trained technicians and specialize in repairs and services for your heavy-duty vehicle, RV, light-duty truck, or commercial vehicle.

Tire Repair Clearwater FL

Let’s be honest. No matter how much maintenance you do on your tires or vehicle, something will eventually break. Your tires will ultimately wear down from these long-haul trips, or you could have picked up a nail on a job site. Anything could happen that would lead to you needing a tire repair or replacement, and that is Apex Truck & RV‘s job. Not just to get you a new set of tires, but to get you back on the road in Clearwater, FL, so you can keep making money or back to enjoying life.

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